Safely Sharing Documents

In order to enjoy secure communication with Mediation Participants, we use the ‘Clio Connect’ facility (which is part of our case management system) to send documents and messages. We ask that you should do the same when sharing documents with us or each other. It offers a level of security that e-mails simply cannot provide.

This link will take you to a 6 minute video explaining the system. It is American and it talks about Attorneys and Clients – but it works just as well for Mediators and Mediation Participants in the United Kingdom.

If you receive a message that invites you to follow a link to create a Clio Connect account, please do this as soon as possible so. You will then be ready to deal with documents and messages that we send you. The facility is free to you and the Law Society has approved its use by solicitors so it should be very safe to download.

If, having looked at this, you are at all worried about using Clio Connect, please get in touch with us straight away.

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