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The Worcester Family Mediation Practice is proud to have been chosen as a regional partner of the charity Kids in the Middle, and to be given the opportunity to promote its ‘Voices in the Middle’ Campaign around Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

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Have you been through it? Tell your story here. Do you have advice for parents or young people going through it? Tell it here. Stories, top tips, poems, songs, video diaries - you choose! We will publish the best things on this site.

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A number of local law firms have agreed to join us in supporting the Voices in the Middle Campaign. We are happy to acknowledge their support. If you are looking for a solicitor to advise you in relation to family issues, you might like to find out more about these firms. Clicking on their names will take you to their websites.

- These will be added shorlty

Here are some other websites that offer support to children and young people

Family Mediation Council Family Mediators Association College of Mediators Resolution College of Mediators Family Law Panel Sorting Out Seperation