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Benefits of mediation

There are lots of reasons to opt for family mediation.

Compared to court proceedings, family mediation is often preferable:

  • Empowering. Helps you make informed decisions about your family.

  • Cost-effective. Saves the cost of expensive court battles.

  • Your child’s voice can be heard. We offer Child Inclusive Mediation to children who wish to be given a voice.

  • Better for children. Helps children see parents working together to resolve issues.

  • Confidential. Our code of practice means we must keep your information confidential.

  • You set the pace. Not restricted by rigid timetables.

  • Quicker outcome. We can work at participant's paces allowing the freedom of not being held to a strict timetable.

  • Increasingly chosen. More and more families are seeing the benefits of mediation and are choosing the process.




All good mediation starts with listening. We listen to both participants to understand how they have experienced their situation.

We provide a calm safe space where you can each share your feelings and views and understand each other's hopes and fears, needs and challenges.

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All of TWFMP's mediators are Family Mediation Council (FMC) accredited or working towards their accreditation.

We meet the professional standards set by FMC and follow its Code of Practice.

Family Mediation Council Accredited mediatiors are recognised by the courts as the only professionals qualified to sign the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) section on relevant court forms.



We help you to identify the issues, to explain what is important to you, to be creative in developing options and exploring solutions before making your own choices.


We always do our best to think of as many solutions and choices for both parties, and we always have children's welfare at the forefront of all considerations and choices.

"Extremely impressed with this service, a little skeptical at first when referred by solicitor but I can honestly say everything was fully explained to me at my first appointment, I was allowed to ask lots of questions, share my concerns and was given full and honest responses to this.


I felt reassured that this was a fair process and completely understood what would occur. I have found the administrative team as helpful and professional as the mediator himself. I would have no hesitation in recommending this practice."


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