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Child Inclusive Mediation

Helping separating and separated couples settle their finances through mediation

Benefits of mediation for financial matters
  • Decision making. You together retain control of the outcome.

  • Cost-effective. Can save you the expense of long court battles or solicitor negotiations. 

  • Flexible. We use a scheduling system designed to  streamline the appointments to fit your availability. 

  • At ease. We can mediate online so you can be in the comfort of your own surroundings.

  • Confidential. We ensure that the meeting is safe, secure and confidential.

  • Timely. We can help you come to agreements at your own speed. 

Financial Mediation Process


Setting the Agenda - what you need to make choices about.

Identifying Priorities - exploring what matters most to each of you when making the choices. 


Financial Disclosure - complete a Financial Disclosure Booklet to be shared and discussed at the first session.  


Examining the Financial Information - looking at the Financial Disclosure Booklets together and identifying areas needing clarification or evidence.


Open Summary of Facts - when all of the relevant information is available, we prepare an Open Summary of Facts. You will each be asked to check and approve this and then to sign it.

Discussion - Equipped with the facts, and information provided by your Mediator, you will be able to identify options and make choices, leading to the development of an overall plan.​


Protected Summary of Proposals - When a plan has been identified by you both, your Mediator will draw up a document setting out the proposals. We call this a ‘Protected Summary of Proposals’.


Taking Advice - Before you finally commit to a plan, you should each take independent legal advice.

Court Order by Consent - In almost every case, it will be necessary to ask a Judge to approve your plan. You will probably not have to attend court – the lawyers will submit a draft order to the court and the judge will check and (almost always) approve it. 

Read our blog for more information on the Financial Mediation Process.

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