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Many people feel vulnerable and may be concerned about the safety of themselves and their children. We will always assess whether mediation sessions with both parties would be safe, and screen for any suitability issues during your assessment meeting.


Mediation is a voluntary process; you should not feel pushed into attending. You can also stop the process at any time.


If you feel that you change your behaviour with your partner or former partner because you are frightened of what might happen, you may be in an abusive relationship.  

Domestic abuse includes verbal and non-verbal abuse, controlling and coercive behaviour, physical, economic, sexual and emotional and psychological abuse.  


If you are experiencing abuse of any kind, by your partner or former partner, there is a range of support services available that can help you to find ways to be safe, cope with what is happening to either you, your partner or other member of the family and to change the status quo and start the journey of recovery.


If you believe that you may be abusing your partner and would like to speak to someone about how to stop, there are links on this page to services that specialise in supporting such change.

Help is available:

Like to learn how mediation could help your situation?

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