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Who is mediation for?

Who is it for?

Family Mediation is not just for couples or parents. It can be for any [adult]family members who need to make shared decisions about anything affecting their family.


So as well as decisions about: 


  • Divorce and separation;

  • Financial arrangements between separating partners; and

  • Parents making arrangements for children;

Mediation may also be helpful for


  • Brothers and sisters making plans for dependent parents;

  • Parents and adult children who need to solve practical issues;

  • Family members dealing with issues over inheritances; and

  • Any other issues for which family members need to find shared solutions

Who can take part in family mediation?

There is no restriction on who can mediate.  You can be of:

  • Any race

  • Any religion (or none)

  • Any gender (including gender fluid and trans gender)

  • Any sexual orientation (or asexual)

  • Any cultural tradition


The only exclusion is if the Mediator, having carefully assessed your (and the other potential participant’s) circumstances, concludes that family mediation would not be suitable or safe. 


We can help you make choices about

Separation   |   Children   |   Finances

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