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Online Mediation

Why so many people are choosing online mediation

Quick, convenient and from the comfort of your own space.

  • Cost-effective. Saves the cost of travelling and parking

  • Flexible. Easier to make childcare arrangements. 

  • At ease. Be in the comfort of your own surroundings.

  • No face to face meeting. You won't need to meet with your partner in the same room.

  • Living apart? Meeting online is more convenient for both parties.

  • Confidential. We ensure that the meeting is safe, secure and confidential.

  • Quicker outcome. Easier to arrange and less restricted by conflicting diaries. 

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How does online mediation work?

We follow a set process of mediation, that is approved by the Family Mediation Council:

  • We hold an initial online meeting with you individually – this is also called a MIAM

  • We write to the other potential participant inviting them to a MIAM

  • As long as you attend your individual MIAM, we can release the court form to enable you to start a court application should mediation not be suitable

  • If the other potential participant responds we set up their MIAM and assess suitability

  • Once everyone is happy to mediate, we arrange your first joint mediation meeting

  • We can cover parenting, property and finances on divorce or separation and can easily share important documents and disclosure during the meetings

  • Once agreement is reached we prepare summaries for approval and digital signature

What technical setup do I need?

  • The meetings can be held via Webex or Zoom which can be accessed from a laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone.

  • We will email you a link to join your meeting in advance.

  • You do not need to be 'tech savvy' for Online Mediation, we will explain how it works beforehand.

  • The joint mediation sessions can be held on Webex or Zoom as this allows us to manage the meeting, to include break-out rooms, sharing screens and documents. 

  • We will email you the link to download the software before your meeting.

Clio Connect and HelloSign:

  • Documents are shared securely using our 'Clio Connect' secure document portal. This means that both mediators and participants can be confident when sharing private information.  

  • We also use 'HelloSign' which is a simple digital signature system.

"Extremely impressed with this service, a little skeptical at first when referred by solicitor but I can honestly say everything was fully explained to me at my first appointment, I was allowed to ask lots of questions, share my concerns and was given full and honest responses to this.


I felt reassured that this was a fair process and completely understood what would occur. I have found the administrative team as helpful and professional as the mediator himself. I would have no hesitation in recommending this practice."


What's the next step?

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