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Starting the mediation process

How to start...

  • Make an enquiry: Getting started is easy, simply fill out the enquiry form here and wait for us to contact you!

  • Book a Mediation Assessment Meeting: Once you've been contacted by us you can either ask to be assessed for Legal Aid or book in your initial assessment meeting (MIAM). You can book by either calling us on … or emailing us.

  • During your assessment meeting, the mediator will listen to your situation and explain more about the process of Mediation and how it might suit you best.


"Family Mediation is a process which I approached with some caution as I knew that the outcome was always going to be difficult for me to accept. However the mediator took the time to explain the process thoroughly and had a completely neutral approach. Whenever either of us showed concern he was able to put us at ease, and we were quickly able to come to an agreement.


The professional manner of the mediator and the way the meetings were conducted with grace allow me to recommend this to anyone seeking a settlement after a separation. The Worcester Family Mediation Practice is registered with the Family Mediation Council which regulates such advisers. They also make great coffee!"


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